This past March, Actafarma attended the Countryfar Pharmacies training days that were organizes in Seville and Cadiz. In this occasion, one of our pharmaceutical experts, Samuel Martin gave training of the hypercholesterolemia of his treatments.

As we all know, this is pathology with high prevalence in the population due to, one of many reasons being the change of healthy lifestyle habits that todays population has gone through. Before having to take medicaments to combat this issue, there is other options, such as dietary supplements that are safer and have less negative consequences.

In this case, the training days were sponsored by Oxicol, the first dietary supplement able to reduce, not only cholesterol levels and LDL cholesterol levels (harmful cholesterol), but also reduces the levels of oxidized LDL (a more reactive molecule that represents a higher cardiovascular risk).

Actafarma is a firm defender of the key and crucial role played by the pharmacist through its continuous treatment with patients

The crucial role played by the pharmacist through their continuous treatment with patients, becoming a benchmark in health and repository of all trust of the population.

For this reason, pharmacists are professionals that must be well prepared, reason why every day more Pharmaceutical organizations and associations organize seminars and training days in order to meet this need.

At Actafarma we are committed to support these professionals in their training because eventually it will  also impact on what is most important to us , the health and wellbeing of patients.