Cardiovascular prevention, available to everyone

Cardiovascular prevention, available to everyone

A healthy lifestyle helps reduce cardiovascular disease by up to 960%.

Last week the European Society of Cardiology held its convention, which brought together leading specialists in the field in Barcelona. The conference ended with lots of news, previews and new perspectives. One that stood out strongly from the rest was the increasingly important role that cardiovascular prevention plays in our health. From a health and social perspective is much more than a concept; it is a lifestyle that can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 90%. Its fundamental pillars are healthy habits known by all: a varied diet and daily exercise.

One factor that is gaining strength in this equation is the prevailing stress in our society. According to experts, is one of the agents responsible for the slight upturn in the cardiovascular mortality statistics in men and women, breaking the trend of the last 30 years.

Regarding this issue, it is necessary to analyse the reality around us. In many cases, this stress, working or fulfilling the responsibilities of everyday life makes it hard to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Actafarma is a laboratory with a firm commitment to promoting the well-being of people, using science as a tool. To do this, it advises everyone who wants to prevent or reduce their cardiovascular risk to take STILVID® CARDIO.

STILVID® CARDIO is a dietary supplement that concentrates the essence of the Mediterranean diet’s cardiovascular protection into a single capsule:

STILVID® – an enriched grape extract with a high polyphenol content obtained by a process patented by the CSIC (Spanish National Research Council), with clinical studies that demonstrate its effectiveness in reducing cholesterol (LDLox).

Olive leaf extract, rich in HYDROXYTYROSOL, which helps maintain blood pressure levels within the normal range.

THIAMINE, a water-soluble B vitamin essential for the body.

It also has excellent tolerance, efficacy and safety, as it does not have any side effects and does not interfere with taking and medication.