Metabolic arthritis: a new diagnostic profile
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Metabolic arthritis: a new diagnostic profile

For the first time, a direct link between overweight and obesity has been established in causing and aggravating osteoarthritis through a metabolic action, regardless of the joint overload caused by the excess weight. This is especially relevant when you consider that some 60% of Spain’s population has a Body Mass Index (BMI) above the healthy range.

Therefore, a differentiated treatment approach is required for patients with metabolic osteoarthritis (overweight and obesity) and for osteoarthritis patients without any metabolic comorbidity. In the latter case, focusing the treatment on reducing pain and improving mobility and the patient’s quality of life is recommended. Conversely, in patients suffering from metabolic arthritis, we must be more careful with the treatment because – besides acting on the joint – we should be able to nullify metabolic factors that aggravate the joint pathology (as in the case of leptin, among others) in overweight or obese patients.

In its commitment to improving the people’s quality of life, Laboratorios Actafarma is launching a new treatment to combat the problems of osteoarthritis caused by being overweight or obese: MOVIAL imc®. This is the first effective dietary supplement to alleviate the negative effects of metabolic arthritis. The clinical study supporting the efficacy of this new treatment has been published in several leading specialist journals such as Rheumatology International.

These lectures are the start of a series of training sessions spread over the country, so we hope to have you with us in upcoming sessions.