Our social commitment is to take care of those who need to be cared for.

From Actafarma Laboratories we want to involve ourselves in the creation of a world that is committed to the future, because we believe that we can contribute to make the welfare society a reality.

Year after year Actafarma Laboratories allocates a large percentage of its profits to develop actions that promote social and cultural initiatives of a charitable nature. In its career, Actafarma has collaborated with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, the Atresmedia Foundation and the Isabel Gemio Foundation, and we have contributed in the concerts of young talents, organized by the Wagnerian Association of Madrid.

The Actafarma family continues to grow day after day with the sponsorship of 10 children from the Louga region, in Senegal, a country in which more than half of the population is below the poverty line, an accentuated situation in rural areas.

This sponsorship action has been possible thanks to the invaluable work carried out by the NGO Plan, whose main objective is to provide a better life for the child population of more than 50 developing countries. Its 9,000 active projects directly help 86 million children, covering their basic needs in food, health, education and housing, as well as ensuring their protection and respect for their rights.