Following up a recent study performed by INFITO (center destined to phototherapy research) performed on 2.400 patients from different autonomous communities, INFITO was able to determine that ¨high temperatures and the increase in hours of light¨ alter our circadian rhythm and can have a negative effect on our sleep quality. For this reason experts recommend us, that we should create a fresh ambient previously to our bed time, not to sleep with the air-con on, an adequate and balanced diet with abundant hydration and products that contain Pasiflora or Californian poppy.

Experts such as Doctor Del Rio also recommend a temperature of around 18- 22 degrees centigrade, and a humidity index of around 50-70%

Another important factor is the hours of light. Doctor Del Rio explains that during the summer as we have a longer day, and if we add up the hours of siesta which 6 out of 10 Spanish people have one of these daily “we can find sleeping at night harder”.

INFITO recommends the abolishment of siestas, but if they do happen, they shouldn’t exceed 30 minutes.

If we want to be able to sleep, doctor Del Rio gives us a solution to achieve that desired sleep: “using medicinal plants of pharmaceutical origin such as pasiflora or the Californian Poppy that contribute to a mental and physical relaxation to make sleeping easier. This plants principal advantage is that they produce no secondary effects.

The Doctor Miguel Martin Almendros clarifies that the Pasiflora plant avoids nocturnal awakenings and helps us have a reparatory sleep and the Californian poppy reduces anxiety produced by insomnia.

An ideal product to fight any sleeping disorders is  Dormax, created by Actafarma Laboratories, which contains both plants recommended by Del Rio, both pasiflora and Californian poppy, which fights symptoms that stop us from being able to sleep.

Dormax is a product that you can find in Pharmacies, which is what Doctor Miguel Martin Almendros recomends, he recommends products with a pharmaceutical origin which guarantees the quality and safety necessary.