Ten out of ten hair in summer: hair care

Ten out of ten hair in summer: hair care

If there’s a recurring theme every year, it’s our desire to have great hair in the summer. We know it’s not an easy task in the heat and with those dips in the sea.

That’s why this month we are sharing some top tips to enjoy that beautiful hair wherever you are.

Protection for hair and skin when you’re in the sun

Just like you use sunscreen to avoid burning your skin when sunbathing, it’s important to use products that avoid damage to your hair.

Use your favourite sun protection for hair that is right for you when you are heading out for a day at the beach or by the swimming pool. That way you’ll stop the sun’s rays from damaging your hair and help protect the hair’s keratin as much as possible.

Why is keratin important? It’s the protein that keeps your hair shiny and preserves its colour. If your hair is damaged by the sun, it could dry out and lose its colour and shine. A nightmare!

Seawater: an ally or enemy of my hair?

Strangely, the answer is both! It all depends on what type of hair you have:

Fine or greasy hair: If you have fine and/or greasy hair then seawater is your ally. It will give it volume and that effect of beach waves we love.

Normal or dry hair: If your hair is quite thick and tends to be dry, seawater is your enemy. It will end up becoming dehydrated and lose its shine. That’s why we’d recommend you wet your hair in a shower before and after swimming in the sea:

Before: As it’s already wet, it will be able to absorb less and therefore won’t take in as much sea water.

After: It’s important to wash out the salt that might still be in your hair.

Mum’s advice that never fails… a hair mask

The trick is to use your favourite hair mask or leave-in conditioner before going in the water. Your hair will slowly absorb the conditioner; that way you can avoid the seawater from damaging it.

However, make sure to use a hair mask that doesn’t have any ingredients such as rosemary that could damage your hair if it is exposed to the sun or high temperatures.

Be on trend and wear a floppy hat

While it might seem obvious and you’ve heard it since you were a kid, it’s important to cover your head when you are in the sun for a long time. For one reason, it protects our hair from the effects of solar radiation.


el pelo en verano consejos para cuidarlo

So go for it and put on your favourite pamela hat or straw hat. As well as protecting your hair, you’ll look very chic.

When should I get a haircut?

A typical question asked every summer: should I cut my hair before, after or over the summer? The answer is both before and after.

Cutting your hair before the summer will help keep your hair fibres in good condition and therefore ensure your hair is well hydrated.

Cutting it after the summer is a really good idea. Tidy up your ends and it’ll help your hair recover after being exposed to the sun and high temperatures.

Revidox, a helping hand with your hair care

As you’ll know, there are many factors such as air pollution and excessive exposure to the sun that can lead to alterations in how our bodies function and accelerate premature ageing. Of course, as well as affecting our skin, it also has an impact on our hair.

Revidox’s ingredients of grape extract, resveratrol, pomegranate extract and selenium help protect cells from oxidative damage. In turn, this helps us keep our hair healthy.

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We love it when you’re feeling well!

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