How to prepare your body for sport

How to prepare your body for sport

Start the year full of energy and a desire to stick to all those good resolutions you set yourself for 2022; it’s very encouraging to know that at least some of them will be fulfilled. It’s as important to set realistic goals as it is to know how to achieve them with the patience and right strategy to stick to them.

One of the most common goals for much of the population is to begin looking after themselves properly and take up or return to a sport. If you share this aim and want to start working towards it, you need to know that our bodies have to be prepared for it before, during and after exercise.

Before doing sport

If you exercised regularly but have had to stop for a while, what we’ve got to say now will ring a bell. That’s because, while it sounds logical, it is really important to follow these recommendations:

Have a healthy, varied and balanced diet. Also make sure to keep yourself properly hydrated. It’s no good caring for your body on the outside if you aren’t giving it the nutrients inside that are not only essential but advisable.

Choose a sport that is best suited to you and your physical condition. It’s great to plan to take up those sports that have always appealed to you, but is it right for your body? Joints, physical condition, structural problems. There’s always a sport that’s perfect for you, you just need to identify which one, with the help of a professional if you’re unsure.

Have the right clothing and footwear for the sport you’re going to practice. Having the right clothing and footwear to do a sport is just as important as actually doing it. Climbing isn’t the same as running or hiking in the mountains… you wouldn’t wear the same shoes for all of them, would you? Find clothing and footwear that is not only comfortable, but also helps protect you from injury.

Eat properly before exercise and stick to a routine. Our body needs fuel when doing exercise and, just like a car, not all types of fuel are suitable. Don’t do sport on a full stomach and it’s advisable not to do it fasted either. Eat something like fruit or nuts 30 minutes beforehand. It’ll give you energy and stop you from feeling hungry.

Manage your expectations versus reality. Going from zero to a hundred is always counterproductive. If your goal is very specific, you can devise a strategy where you gradually increase the intensity to allow your body to get used to the activity. Be patient; as well as increasingly demanding more, your body will surprise you with how far it can go.

Warm up before exercise. It seems obvious but something as simple as a few warm-up exercises will help you avoid possible injuries to the muscles and joints, among others.

During exercise

Now you’re up and moving but looking after your body still needs you to pay attention!

Listen to your body. There’s a difference between a tolerable effort and the feeling of needing to stop. Nothings better than your own body to tell you what it needs.

Fuel up and hydrate only when you need to. Feeling hungry or thirsty are sensations that may make you eat or drink at times when you shouldn’t if you want to keep exercising. The best is to not overdo it and just have what is strictly necessary.

Focus on each exercise and every movement. It’s not about doing something for the sake of it or only worrying about how you look at the end. Enjoy the exercises, focus on each of them and experience them through the five senses.

After exercise

Congratulations if you’ve got to this point! When you get out of the habit, its first few times you exercise that are a real achievement!

Stretch after doing exercise. It’s important to give your body some time to recover, helping it to relax the muscles and eliminate the tension that physical exercise has caused.

Replenish lost energy by eating, hydrating and replacing appropriately everything your body has lost through sweating for example.

Supplement your diet with the vitamins and nutrients your body requires. Consult a professional about which ones are recommended for you.

Remember that although starting to exercise after a break can be a drag and be a little difficult in the beginning, it’ll bring you satisfaction that will spur you on to work towards your goal. Don’t give up, your body and health will thank you!

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