Prepare the WC&C season: weddings, christenings and communions

Prepare the WC&C season: weddings, christenings and communions

wcIt’s the season of important events: WEDDINGS, CHRISTENINGS and COMMUNIONS, that time of year when you want to look great and be the envy of the other guests. We work hard to choose the dress, hairstyle, shoes and accessories that suit us best, but – as we all know – a pretty dress looks even prettier with tan skin and good makeup.

This spring/summer, the transparency trend is still hot, to which guipure laces have been added as the latest “in” item. However, the smart bet for day and night is the ubiquitous black and white, which is always suitable for any occasion. And for height, wearing heels is what goes best with any outfit, although you must make sure you can stand them for the duration of the event. Otherwise, take advantage of the fact that, this season, many designers like Michael Kors and Christian Louboutin have decided to come down to earth and reduce the height of some of their party shoes.

Now that we’ve chosen our look, we have to make one of the most difficult choices: the right hairstyle. This season, the long bob style in all its versions is a winner: long hair with volume and a casual style, wavy hair…, but always with the same common denominator: the hair should be longer in front than behind.

The final touch comes from the makeup look that best fits our face and the look we’ve picked, but it must always be accompanied by flawless skin. We can undoubtedly get that suntanned, natural effect with ACTIDERM FLASH EFFECT, the only self-makeup wipes, brought to us by Laboratorios Actafarma, which will also give us a beautiful and natural tan. The fluid and compact makeups that are so hard to apply are no longer in style. With ACTIDERM FLASH EFFECT, and its easy application in comfortable wipes, you can break with traditional makeup and make yourself up evenly in 3 seconds flat, so we can spend more time on other details. What’s more, ACTIDERM prolongs its results, giving a natural and even tan that will last several days: the effects of hours in the sun without the appearance of wrinkles and unwanted spots. Our skin is smooth and flawless in no time flat…effortlessly!

And, to top it off, the finishing touch: all that’s left for us is to choose our accessories, which can be as varied as the styles we’ve had to choose from. A world of infinite possibilities that will cause us to feel just the tiniest bit guilty as we steal the spotlight from the event’s hostess.