Low calorie cereal bars

  • Snack
  • Easy to carry and to consume
  • Delicious taste

The freshest and healthiest!

  • CN  Dark Chocolate:   179586.1
  • CN  Dark Chocolate with   orange:   179588.5
  • CN  Yoghurt   with   Apple:   179585.4
  • CN  White Chocolate with red berries:   179587.8


The Obegrass bars – Between Hours are the healthiest way to satisfy hunger between meals. Thanks to its delicious flavour, you will forget that it is a weight control product.

Its individual packaging presentation makes it very comfortable to carry and consume at any time of day, thus facilitating the completion of the five recommended daily meals for a good diet.

The cereal Obegrass bars are designed as a Fresh and healthy snack, ideal to calm hunger between hours.

4 different FLAVOURS to choose from:

  • Dark chocolate
  • Dark chocolate with orange
  • Yogurt with apple
  • White chocolate with red berries

The Obegrass Bars are the perfect complement for all of those who have decided to control their weight, or simply to take care of themselves, but without giving up on a whim.

They are also ideal to complement with any other treatment of the Obegrass line.


Obegrass Bars can be taken as a snack helping to calm the feeling of hunger among the main meals.


Individually packed bars (30g)

Four flavours: dark chocolate, dark chocolate with orange, yogurt with apple and white chocolate with red berries

* Food supplements are not intended to replace a healthy and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle.

** Information intended for professional use.

*** It contains milk, gluten, almond, sulphites and soy. They may contain traces of egg, peanut, other nuts, sesame and / or derivatives thereof.