Keren Preventia capsules, the nourishing cocktail that prevents hair loss.

  • It provides the necessary nutrients to accelerate hair growth.
  • It brakes hair loss.
  • It increases capillary volume and rekindles hair brightness.
  • It avoids hair brittleness.

Keren Preventia capsules provides the necessary nutrients to prevent hair loss, strengthening, protecting and restoring every hair fibre from the hair root. Every day people lose an average of one hundred hairs. However, there are situations and times of the year in which, due to various factors such as stress, hormonal imbalances, or food deficits, hair weakens and falls in greater proportion, reducing its total volume.

Keren Preventia capsule is a nourishing and revitalizing cocktail that contributes to the normal maintenance of hair thanks to its components:

VITAMINS (Vitamin C, Vitamin E and group B Vitamins):

  • Improves the health and vitality of the hair.

AMINO ACIDS (L-cystine):

  • They reinforce the hair and make it more resistant.


  • They favour the growth and luminosity of the hair.


  • Brings an extra hydration contribution for dry hair.

MINERALS (Iron, Magnesium and Zinc):

  • They stimulate hair growth.

Perfect to complement with and Keren Anti-lossShampoo.


One capsule per day, preferably at breakfast.


Box of 30 capsules.
CN 154969.3

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