R & D & I is the essence of Actafarma. For the development of our projects, we have always opted to reach research agreements with public institutions of enormous prestige, such as CEBAS-CSIC, the eighth scientific centre in Europe, as well as working in coordination with national and European Union laboratories.

At Actafarma we know how important it is to maintain good health, that is why we are committed to innovative products with a pharmaceutical quality guarantee, safe, effective and specially developed for each need.

From our products for weight control, hair care or the slowing of cell aging, to bowel regulators or innovative formulations in dermocosmetics, all our lines of action confirm our effort to be the reference laboratory in Health Self-Care in Spain.

Some of our emblematic products are Obegrass, with a 14 years presence in the market as leader of slimming therapeutic lines, or Revidox, deserver of one of the best and most innovative ideas awards.

Today we can say that we are very proud of the road we have travelled and the perspectives we have for the future. Five years ago, Actafarma commercialized 12 products, currently there are already 34 in the market. Our commitment to innovation translates into 4 or 5 annual launches.

All of our products are manufactured with high technology equipment and are carefully designed to reach the highest levels of quality.