Revidox Plus launching in Baltics

Actafarma Laboratories consolidates its presence in foreign markets through an expansion project in northern Europe. Following the extraordinary success of Revidox Plus in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus, and due to to implement collaboration with health professionals, the Department of Export has shifted to an ad hoc training to its medical equipment and pharmacy visit. In this enriching experience has been able to manage workshops with each team of its partner Myecys, obtaining a co-working area to optimize outcomes in medical visit. Building on its successful experience in other countries, they intend to create a channel of communication with consumers to share all the research and development that has to its credit.

Revidox plus is a exclusive format for the countries of the European Union that is gaining market share in Italy, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Romania, Denmark, Sweden, Russia and some months in the Baltics.

The confidence of healthcare professionals and our customers on the markets where Revidox Plus is present, represents an extraordinary motivation to continue the research and development aimed at improving the health and quality of life of the population.