Revidox sponsors the event: Medical Certification Exercise is Medicine

Revidox sponsors the event: Medical Certification Exercise is Medicine

Exercise is Medicine Organization returns to the fray in Dominican Republic making a day of certification for doctors with oncology specialty.

Exercise is Medicine is a global initiative to motivate physicians, regardless of their specialty, to assess each patient during their visit, and consider, as an integral part of the treatment for the prevention and management of diseases, to prescribe regular physical activity. This movement was originated in the United States as part of a global initiative. “Exercise is Medicine ” was developed by the “American College Of Sports Medicine” and the ”American Medical Association ” (AMA) and has established regional centers in the world, including the Dominican Republic as one of the more active.

The objectives of this event are:

  • Certify health professionals through the course of exercise prescription.
  • Motivate health authorities to include in their educational projects the promotion of physical activity as a chronic disease prevention.
  • Run a campaign on the importance of physical activity for medical students and medical societies.
  • Strengthen the support of public and private institutions that promote physical activity.

“This is an international certification directed to doctors who have the interest to include physical activity as part of the treatment protocol of patients, in this case, targeting cancer specialties,” said one of the main speakers at the event. The certification is made possible through the sponsorship of companies and brands with the same interests in health as Nutri-Med and Revidox, who supported the activity in their quest for obtaining more competitive training of Dominican doctors.