Stop hair loss with the Keren haircare line

Stop hair loss with the Keren haircare line

Autumn begins today. The season is changing, and we also change, among them the hair loss that concerns us so much, as half of the population is affected by this problem. This is in addition to the pace of modern life which – together with stress and unbalanced diets as well – affects hair loss.

What can we do to prevent hair loss?

Laboratorios Actafarma offers you the Keren haircare line, with 3 products:

  • Keren Shampoo
  • Keren Regenerating Serum
  • Keren Preventia Capsules

They help to strengthen, nurture, and give vitality to your hair, acting from the inside to make your hair look strong and healthy hair.

How does the Keren haircare line help our hair?

Keren Shampoo has 10 plant-based active ingredients that – combined with hydrolysed keratin – moisturises, nourishes, repairs and protects your hair, and stimulates its growth by removing excess oil.

Keren Serum promotes hair growth by up to 92%, slowing hair loss, all due to its content in apple stem cells which activates the hair bulb to improve its activity.

And, lastly, Keren Capsules, which strengthen fragile hair thanks to the provision of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids.


They can be used together to enhance their effects or separately.

Start now to prevent hair loss with the help of Laboratorios Actafarma: Keren haircare line and slow down hair loss.