After the Oscars the rest of us “mortals” are feeling a bit gallous of the Hollywood stars that are always perfect. What are their secrets to be forever young? Here we will tell you some of them.

  • Sleep the necessary amount minimum 7 hours and rest in a good mattress.
  • Forget about alcohol and Tabaco. They only grant us toxins and oxidases our body.
  • Don’t excess sunbathe. Its one of the worst things for skin aging, UV rays are harmful to your skin and are the principal cause of skin aging.
  • Exercise your body but also your mind… a good session of yoga after a hard gym session relaxes body and mind.
  • Keep hydrated and eliminate toxins via sweat or adequate hydration.
  • Healthy foods in order to keep a recommended diet and make sure you eat antioxidant foods on a daily bases.

Seems easy, doesn’t it? Probably most of these tips aren’t new. What’s the issue? That with our frenetic lifestyle most of the time we do not have time for all this care.

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With  REVIDOX ADN prologue your cell lifespan , revitalizes your skin and delays aging.

Now you can shine like a star!